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Design always starts with an element of research. Before choosing colors and fonts, we need to dig deep into the details of your business. Who are you trying to reach? What sets you apart from your competitors? What about your current marketing strategy isn’t working? These are the questions we need to answer before a single image is created.



Once we’ve settled on the direction we want to go, it’s time to start making a visual representation of those ideas. From logos to branded color palettes and promotional materials, we will discover the right look for you and your business. This is where your customers get their first impressions, so let’s show them what you’ve got!



Finally, we come to translating your designs and marketing strategies to the web. Built on the powerful WordPress platform, we will represent your company online as it should be seen. Desktop and mobile-ready designs, integrated with social media and other networking tools will help launch your product and give it the legitimacy it deserves.



My Name is Vaughn Donahue
Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Consultant

If you’ve got a specific idea, I’d love the chance to solve the problem. Whether you’re wanting a new look for your business, a website for your organization, or full promotional print layout project – I can take the thing you’re passionate about and turn it into a visual masterpiece.

Every project comes with its own set of problems and requires unique attention. Design is problem solving at its core. We want to take your product or business, and market it right to grow your potential. No project is too big or too small, so let’s get started.

Branding & Collateral Design


Good design and successful marketing begins with a strong brand. Branding is much more than just a logo and a few colors – it is the set of core values and the voice of your business. These values can then transform into a visual representation of your company.

A logo is the most obvious element of branding, and it is the face of your organization to your customers. Beyond the logo however, comes standards and direction in how to use it and all the branded elements around it – to ensure the integrity of the brand. I’ll work alongside you to create strong brand standards and engaging visuals that best represent your company and its mission to your customers.




Even in the world of the web, traditional print provides a tangible experience for your customers that a digital offering simply cannot do in the same way. Informational brochures, promotional flyers and sales sheets – handing a printed product to your customer can make a lasting impact.

Whether its thumbing through a product catalog, holding a playbill before a show, or seeing a standout event poster, print material gives your brand the promise of real engagement from your customers or potential clients.




With print comes layout. Custom company manuals, daily readers and book layouts still have a firm place in our every day lives. Good layout design improves reader engagement and readability.

A block of text without character or style is not begging to be read. Just as a website won’t be visited simply because it exists, a printed piece won’t be read unless it looks appealing and interesting to the reader. A good print layout is good marketing.




Great packaging can be the difference between a product’s success or failure, and it’s all about marketing at its core. Together we can develop packaging that looks great and works hard to sell your product.




Cover art can mean a host of different things – books, albums, social, etc… If you’re publishing a book online or in hard copy, a great cover should catch the eyes of potential readers. If you’ve got an album coming out, you’ll want artwork that represents the music you’ve made.


Web Development & Design


Bringing your brand to the web is a must. With web development built on the power of WordPress, the sky is the limit with what you can do to bring your message and products to your customers all over the world.

Need more? A secure site? Multiple users? Custom blog? You name it, we can make it happen.


Social Media integration is a must to get your customers engaged and coming back for more. The web development process includes options to fully integrate your content into a variety of social media platforms. We can make a plan and carry it out to bring you the best return on your web investment.

Check out a few examples of our web work. 


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